Psychic Medium

Jo-Anne has been performing spiritually enlightened tarot readings for over 25 years. She believes that Tarot is more than a vehicle for telling the future. Jo-Anne's version of Tarot involves diving deep inside the soul to flush out the soul's truest path, based on past, present and future shown in the cards. The cards tell a story, Jo-Anne interprets that story in addition to sharing the guidance that comes to her from Spirit.
Readings offer many things including confirmation of your path, self reflection and spiritual guidance to navigate those "Dark Nights of the Soul" that lead to a "Spiritual Glow Up".

In addition to her passion for Tarot, Jo-Anne has become a certified sound healer. Offering Energy Field Tunings with the use of tuning forks to bring your energy field (soul) back into resonance. Energy Field Tuning uses sound to find areas of harmony and disharmony in and around the body (an area that scientists call the biofield), and, when regulated, creates a deeply relaxing and clearing effect. Oftentimes, effectively alleviating PTSD symptoms and many other physical, emotional, and mental afflictions.

Jo-Anne, along with her husband Jason, work together to offer outdoor Soundbaths during the warmer months, at their beautiful properties in Southern Ontario, with their Crystal Singing bowls and tuning forks.