About the show.

As Italians we find ourselves always gathering in the kitchen, Whether it's preparing dishes from our ancestors, sneaking a taste of homemade sauce, or just catching an aromatic scent of something frying up. In an Italian home the kitchen is a place for togetherness. 

Melinda Paletta’s kitchen is no different. Well, actually it’s very different! Melinda’s is naturally filled with authentic Italian cooking from her heritage but also includes recipes from her travels abroad including the Southern States and many of her Chef colleagues from around the world. 

Yes Melinda’s kitchen can get loud and rowdy, with that being said Melinda invites friends with supernatural sensitivities to help her cook fantastic meals while chatting about the afterlife and world unseen. 

The show Basil and Sage aims towards intriguing our taste buds and indulging the curiosity of its viewers by combining the mouthwatering appeal of authentic homemade cooking and the satisfying tales of the ethereal. 

Each episode introduces it’s audience to three authentic home cooked meals ( Appetizer, Main, Dessert) as well as stories, insights, and prophecies by one of Melinda’s spiritual friends. 

Join us as the culinary and spiritual world come together to feed our inner six senses. 


Join Melinda as takes one of our resident mediums into a kitchen as they prepare, cook and enjoy a three course meal all while being introduced to the world of mediumship.

Our team of mediums will join Melinda in the kitchen but try to lead Melinda and the view through the world of spirituality.