Smokin' with Spirits

Let’s get Smokin! Join host Melinda Paletta as she heads to her smoker and goes back to her butcheress skills and teaches Psychic Medium Leah Strocen all about smoking a beef brisket. It does not stop there; we get messages from living spirits and Melinda gets some questions answered. Between smoking 17 hours of Beef Brisket, Bonfires, Dietary Restrictions, and live messages these two ladies go deep into discussion of meat, funerals, the afterlife and so much more.

In the Culinary Corner Chef Rene shows us the correct way to dice an onion.

Christine shows us how to mix up her own take on a Long Island Iced Tea at the bar at Alloro in the Holiday in Burlington.

Your tastebuds will love being intrigued listening to these ladies speak about Culinary & Mediumship you will want seconds.