Cathy Starfire Woman

Indigenous Energy Practitioner/Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant/Ritual Artisan

Cathy Starfire Woman has gratefully used her gifts for over 20 years, working with Universal Energies, Ascended Masters, The Ancestors, her Guides, and yours, bringing Messages from Spirit to her clients. Cathy gives pure evidence that even through the pain of death, love never dies. Her detailed readings help bring peace, guidance, and closure to those who seek her out. There are no guarantees any particular Spirit will come through. Spirits have free will, as do we

Cathy Moses Chadwick; Lenape, Turtle Clan. Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Sister of The Land of the Dancing Deer, Pipe Carrier, Sacred Womb Keeper.

Alanq’tindeyoch’Kwe, “Starfire Woman” was ceremonially named because she was born under a worldwide meteor shower. According to the Elders, her path was foretold. A Sensitive since early childhood, she thought everyone saw and sensed as she did. 

As a Holder of Dreams and Visions, Starfire Woman is able to intuitively connect to the Ancestors and Helping Spirits, to aid others on their Earthwalk.