Layers of Life

Join host Melinda Paletta and Spiritual Medium Sally Fitzgerald in this exciting episode of chopping, mixing, & exploring the other side of Layers of Life.

The Fairies are Carnivores

Melinda Paletta and Psychic Barb McCallum as they discuss cooking techniques in the kitchen and how fairies are sweet winged little angels.

This little Piggy is full of Messages

Melinda Paletta and Intuitive Medium Diane Berkley try to prepare delectable dishes in the kitchen, but keep getting interrupted by spirits from the other side.

Smokin' with Spirits

Let’s get Smokin! Join host Melinda Paletta as she heads to her smoker and goes back to her butcheress skills and teaches Psychic Medium Leah Strocen all about smoking a beef brisket.

The Color of my Culinary Spirit

Join host Melinda Paletta and The Blue Hair Medium Kathryn Dzsudzsak. Together these two colorful women prepare a comforting meal, with messages of a baby on the way….

Sr’s Spirit in the Kitchen

Melinda Paletta and Indigenous Psychic Medium Cathy Starfire Woman as we cook a rustic family favorite in wine country, we discuss what happens when we pass away.