The Fairies are Carnivores

Ever see something fly by, the corner of your eye. Join host Melinda Paletta and Psychic Barb McCallum as they discuss cooking techniques in the kitchen and how fairies are sweet winged little angels, with a carnivore appetite.

We discuss Past, Present, Future and many more meaty topics with mythical creatures all around us. Let us sharpen our knives and dust off our wings. Melinda and Barb will intrigue all your senses with mouthwatering dishes, and spiritual messages. 

In the Culinary Corner Chef Rene shows us the most trusted chefs tool, their chef knife.

Christine takes us to the islands with a Watermelon Mojito at the bar at Alloro in the Holiday in Burlington.

Let us take a seat at the supper table and indulge in this sweet and spicy episode.