Leah Strocen

Psychic Medium/Empath/Healer/Spiritual Guide

I gave my first energy healing when I was 4 years old. My mom had just come home from surgery and I remember placing my hands on her belly, squeezing my eyes closed as tightly as they would go and imagining sending healing energy to her energetic body. 

For some parents, this may have come as a surprise, but I am blessed to come from a family of Healers. My mom was a psychic medium and my dad trance channeled (this is the ability to allow your spirit guides to enter your body and use your voice to speak), so healing with energy has been part of my earliest memories and life.

Growing up in the late 70's and early 80's, energy work was still viewed with suspicion and mistrust and so I did my best to suppress my natural spiritual abilities.  Like many young Empaths, I struggled to fit in and never quite felt like I belonged. Which means I also experienced my fair share of emotional and physical bullying.  While I was lucky to have some very close friends that loved and accepted me, it was hard not to feel like a freak. 

​But even in the depths of all the pain and drama, I continued to receive signs and messages from my spiritual team and was cultivating my faith in the other side even while I had doubts about my presence in this physical reality.

And as painful as some of those early experiences were, deep down I understood that walking away from who I was - denying the best parts of me - would have brought more pain.  And so I stayed the course. This was the beginning of learning to accept myself for who I was and embrace my differences as the gifts that they are. 

Today, I love who I was born to be.  I have learned (and am still learning!) to navigate the energetic world and blend it into my daily life in a way that feels good to me and empowers others.  I am now blessed to be able to guide others on the path to discover and open up their natural gifts and abilities and I love being able to offer insight and guidance to other blooming Empaths.