Psychic Medium

Amanda Dubois, Pathfinder is an Intuitive Psychic Medium & Empath, a Reiki, Aqualead & Queldon Master, a CCA Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Event Coordinator & a Paranormal Investigator. She offers informative workshops on paranormal and spiritual topics, and helps guide individuals to find clear direction and purpose.

For the last decade, She has been the Event Coordinator for Spiritual Niagara, a website directory for local holistic practitioners and recently she acquired the organization and transitioned it nationwide, now known as Spiritual Canada.

Amanda has been investigating paranormal occurrences and clearing houses across the Niagara region for over eight years, and has been featured on Season Three of Paranormal Survivor as an expert consultant for a local case. n October 2022, Amanda won the Spiritual Excellence Halo Award for Top Medium in North America. Amanda’s mission is to best utilize her abilities and skills in a way that will positively impact the living and non-living.

Amanda Dubois, Pathfinder

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