Sally Fitzgerald

Spiritual Medium/Reiki Master

My Spiritual journey started 9 years ago and if you'd asked me at that time if I wanted to be a Medium, I'd have said "no way - that's not me".  Well, Spirit had other ideas in mind! I started taking Meditation classes and now meditate every day.  I find my day is just not the same if I  miss it.  I studied to become a Reiki Master (the Japanese healing modality), took courses to work with my Spirit Guides, learned about psychic development and then  rediscovered my amazing gift as a Spiritual Medium.  I have had the amazing opportunity to study with extremely gifted Mediums like the late great Tammy Taylor (The Oakville Medium) and her daughter Elora Taylor and Val Williams, Stella Upton and others from England. I believe that as a young child, I was profoundly psychic but then "turned it off" for protection.  I went so far to protect myself that I've spent the majority of my adult life in computers and technology - so far away from anything Spiritual for sure! 

Now that I've found myself again, I am a Medium and I'm thrilled to be able to share messages from friends and loved ones who have crossed over and to hear about the healing and relief that those I have worked with have experienced. It is truly wonderful to see the impact a reading can have.