Basil & Sage Tomato/Pasta Sauce 

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January 8, 2023
January 8, 2023

If you have plenty of leftover tomatoes lying around make this quick and easy sauce, it's packed with Italian flavor.

  1. In your large pan cut your tomatoes into quarters and place them in the pot (cut off the middle part of the tomato where the vine was hanging) 
  2. Add olive oil to your pot with salt and pepper to taste
  3. Chop your garlic cloves into almost minced pieces 
  4. Add basil 
  5. Put on low heat and stir every 30 to 40 min 
  6. Let simmer for two to 6 hours 

Some Italians add a teaspoon of sugar to offset the acid taste, and others add a dash of their favorite hot sauce. Some Italians have even been known to add a dash of espresso. Make this recipe your own by adding a secret ingredient.